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44 000 Kč

The elegant and airy flowing dress is decorated with an original digitally processed painting inspired by natural...

Unisex leather travel bag
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38 000 Kč
28 000 Kč

Hand-stitched unisex bag in luxurious crocodile eco leather is perfect for any use. It has a variable shoulder strap,...

Luxury lace blouse with sleeves
26 000 Kč

Looking for a unique and unusual piece for your wardrobe? Then this elegant blouse made of luxurious author's lace is...


Blanka Matragi


Fashion is the field I studied and dedicated my whole life to. Fashion is my way of communicating with the world. It allows me to express myself and communicate my feelings and thoughts to the world and push the boundaries of imagination.

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Blanka Matragi, besides fashion, is dedicated to the design and realization of art objects, applied and industrial design for interiors and exteriors based on individual private requests. She creates and designs sculptures, glass, glass objects, home accessories, furniture, jewellery, porcelain and paints pictures. So if you are looking for a unique design for your house or office, you also have the opportunity to enter into negotiations with Blanka Matragi through Matragi Ateliér s.r.o. studio.

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